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We work on the basic principle of not sharing personal and professional information with any other person/ party/ business owner or enterprise. We make it a point to respect your privacy and not to disclose your credentials with someone else.

Terms and conditions:
We assume that you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions stated here as follows:

  1. Privacy Policy-
    We take protecting your privacy as a serious concern. Your information is applicable only for our products, site, and services. We review our services and data regularly so that we can attain your satisfaction.  Only our authorized users can access your information.
  2. Confidentiality-
    Your personal information is critical, and we assure you that it will be kept confidential and, therefore, will not be shared with any third party other than our authorized users. The emails sent by us will be related to our services to be useful.
  3. Cookies-
    Like any other interactive website, we also use cookies to retrieve your information for every visit made on the site. Cookies are used to make the site interactive and easy to use by the client.
  4. Notification of changes-
    The company reserves the right for updating and changing terms and conditions from time to time as per its requirements. Changes in our privacy policy are only posted on the site.
  5. Copyright notice-
    The company’s logo, services, and products are all registered, and no misuse of information will be permitted.

We, at this moment, assume that you have read and clearly understood the above. In the case of any problem, the laws of Florida or Fort Myers will be strictly followed.

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