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Celebrating Home: Decorating for the Holidays and Seasons

by Jessie Whitby

Do you have a knack for decorating?  Especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, people want their home to look its best. But there are other times of the year, when it would be lovely to decorate your home to reflect the holiday or season, such as Mother’s Day, Easter or Halloween. ‘Celebrating Home: Decorating […]

Cookie Craft Christmas: Dozens of Decorating Ideas

by Jessie Whitby

Do you and your children want to have some fun decorating cookies this holiday season?  If so, I suggest you take a look at the “Cookie Craft Christmas”‘ Kindle edition. It gives you lots of different exciting cookie designs, complete with detailed instructions and photographs of how your cookies should look. Differently colored and patterned […]

Enchanted Cakes Book

by Jessie Whitby

If you have children, especially little ones, and you love making beautiful and magical birthday cakes, you need to have this book. ‘The Enchanted Cakes Book’ is a full of incredible, wonderful birthday cake ideas. All the cakes are designed around fairy characters and scenes, such as the Snow Queen, Peter Pan, sleeping dragon, Cinderella, […]

Giddy-up Mosaic Art Activity Kit

by Jessie Whitby

Creating mosaics is a beautiful art form. It allows you to be imaginative while still being lots of fun to make. I think that even simple pieces of a mosaic look stunning and can create a focal point in any home. Introduce your children to mosaic making by trying the Giddy-up Activity Kit. The kit […]