The Many Uses Of Rubber Stamping

Rubber stamping is a convenient way for individuals to mark letters, packages, account invoices, and even bank deposits. While some are commercially made, other rubber stamping units can be customized specifically for the owner. An example would be an address stamper, which features a name and mailing address and is used on mailing envelopes.

There are many uses for rubber stamping and below are just a few of the examples that these handy products are designed for:

  • Mailing. Rubber stamping is commonly used by business owners and individuals who wish to stamp a package as fragile. If insurance is purchased on a package, the postmaster will usually stamp the package as ‘insured.’
  • Bank Deposits. Individuals or businesses who wish to stamp the signature line of their checks often use rubber stamping. Many businesses stamp ‘For Deposit Only’ and follow it with the account number.
  • Return Address. Many individuals and/or businesses enjoy the convenience of rubber stamping on the outside of a mailing envelope. When most people write their name and address in the top left-hand corner, others use the rubber stamping technique to save time when mailing one or 1,000 letters.
  • Billing. Companies in billing and/or collections often use rubber stamping to indicate when a bill has been paid by stamping ‘Paid’ on the account.
  • Organization. Some companies and entrepreneurs find that the use of rubber stamping helps them to organize their files better.
  • Scrapbooking. One of the world’s most popular hobbies, scrapbooking often involves rubber stamping for fun and added color to each page.

Rubber stamping products are commonly found at office supply stores but are also readily available online. There are a growing number of companies that provide customized rubber stamping products, including everything from the basic models to the self-inking stamper. With so many choices ranging from sizes, customization, and ink color, rubber stamping products are available to fit almost any budget. Most companies ask that individuals and/or businesses allow additional time for their stamps to be created and shipped with personalized products.