How to Choose Craft Stationery Paper

The stationery paper makes a great design for any scrapbook. Stationary paper helps you to craft fun pages, basic layouts, extraordinary captions, and more. Crafters can purchase stationery paper at any craft shop, stationery store, or scrapbook department. The paper is available in a variety of sizes, colors, designs, etc.

How to choose stationary paper:

You want paper that matches your scrapbook theme. The paper should harmonize with the colors in your photo, as well as the subject.

How to create dividers:

Dividers are crafted to add little amazing features to your scrapbook. Dividers are designed to allow you to separate seasons, events, travel, etc. In short, you can use dividers to create a storybook. Use your pictures and make them come together while crafting your dividers to separate the photos. Again, you want to choose coordinated stationery that matches the theme of your storybook. For instance, if you’re creating a Christmas them, choose snowmen, pine trees, lights, Santa Clause, or related patterns. On the other hand, if you are creating a fall theme, then choose orange, yellow, green, and brown patterns, such as those with leaves fallen from trees.

Tip: When you prepare to mount photos on stationary paper, you can cut out the interior region, which will not be apparent when showing your photos, to use extra paper for the next pages.

When you use stationary to craft your scrapbook, try learning steps in die-cutting, punching, or use stickers to create additional patterns to set off your photos. For instance, if you are creating a theme, and your pictures have off cast, such as sun, sky, trees, etc., buy stickers or cut-to-die cuts or punches to set off your theme.

Tip: If you are announcing the birth of a child, try using rubber stamps and print your baby’s fingerprints, handprints, or footprints on your stationery. Add your baby’s date of birth, name, and so on to set off your card.

Creating scrapbooks is a fun adventure. You can use your creative mind without worrying about being a pro artist to create anything you choose. When choosing patterns and stationary, however, always try to make sure that the designs coordinate with your theme to invent a lasting memo.

You will find colors and patterns at craft shops, stationery stores and match your theme. The paper includes decorative patterns. The patterns include the holiday paper, travel, birth, and more. You will find checkers, stripes, dots, plaids, floral, sports, and other designs online as well. Specialty patterns are designs that offset cardstocks or scrapbooks as well. You will find corrugated or ridged cardstock, handmade paper, vellum, and fabric resembling velvet (Velveteen) at craft stores.

If you are crafty, you may want to make your own patterns, designs, stationary, etc. You can purchase do-it-yourself kits online or at craft stores. The kits will provide you instructions, guides, etc., that help you create your own patterns. However, if you are creating your own paper, use the paper approved by P.A.T. or CK OK. The acid-based paper will cause ruin to your photos, embellishments, etc.

The scrap you have left from your patterns, stationery, etc., you can use to create letterheads for your title page, header, and so on. Otherwise, you can use the scraps to start your next pattern on the following page.

Crafting scrapbooks is a fun adventure that keeps those special moments alive. Once you have purchase your pens, paper, patterns, protectors, stationary, etc., it is time to move on to craft your scrapbook, bringing it alive.