Creating mosaics is a beautiful art form. It allows you to be imaginative while still being lots of fun to make. I think that even simple pieces of a mosaic look stunning and can create a focal point in any home. Introduce your children to mosaic making by trying the Giddy-up Activity Kit. The kit includes 13 posters with different exciting designs and 20 sheets of foam tiles (over 7000 tiles) of various colors. The foam tiles are fantastic and easy to use for children as young as 4. All they have to do is peel and stick the tiles onto the “Tile by Numbers” posters. No mess and no glue required, but hours of great fun.

I think that this kit would make a great gift for any child. Not only will this activity calm their mind, but it also allows them to create simple but impressive mosaics, which can be displayed in the included frame.

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