Cookie Craft Christmas: Dozens of Decorating Ideas

Do you and your children want to have some fun decorating cookies this holiday season? ┬áIf so, I suggestCookie Craft Christmas: Dozens of Decorating Ideas you take a look at the “Cookie Craft Christmas“‘ Kindle edition. It gives you many different exciting cookie designs, complete with detailed instructions and photographs of how your cookies should look. Some options are different colored and patterned gingerbread men, Christmas trees, Hanukkah sweets, New Year’s cookies, and delicious snowman cookies. Various icing and cookie recipes and all decoration techniques used in the book are described in great detail.

In my opinion, this book gives you lots of inspiration on how to decorate holiday cookies. Beautifully decorated cookies would make fantastic gifts this holiday season for teachers, friends, or neighbors. Or why not make and decorate your Christmas tree ornaments? “Cookie Craft Christmas” will undoubtedly give you lots of fun ideas and is definitively worth downloading onto your Kindle for some great baking and decorating fun.


Pam, Princess of Crafts