A Complete Guide to Silk Painting

A Complete Guide to Silk Painting is a book that covers a wide variety of aspects of silk painting. Silk Painting is a fantastic art form that creates a feeling of harmony and relaxation.

The book gives an overview of the history of painting on silk in Europe and Asia. The chapter on silk offers a range of information about the discovery of silk, a review of silk materials (including Jacquard silk) plus how
to buy and care for silk. The painting on silk sections provides you with all the information on essential equipment, materials, and techniques, such as paints, brushes, stretching the silk, types of frames and preparing the paints. You also learn about the various silk painting effects including color blending, salt techniques, and art with a hairdryer.

A Complete Guide to Silk Painting also gives you tips and ideas for silk designs for lampshades, clothing, greeting cards or jewelry. The book benefits from beautiful illustrations throughout which will catch your eye.

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