Princess of Crafts logoAnd what about those “soon-to-begin, must-do projects” piling up in various corners of your home? I implore you to take a fresh look at what those projects say about you.

They say you’re a wonderfully creative person with incredible talents—so much so that you can’t even begin to choose which project you’ll work on next. It’s not that you’re too busy washing socks and looking for the crockpot lid! You’re in gridlock because creativity exudes from every pore, and you haven’t perfected in your mind how those can best be combined.

Tell the naysayers that beginning one project often inspires you to start another rather than finishing the last. Who wants to risk losing the initial burst of creative juices by finishing a project your mind has already completed? There, now don’t you feel better?

As I survey the projects I’ve not yet completed and the ones I have yet to begin, I know I need to start another project like a turtle needs a hairbrush. But begin I will, for the thrill is in the creating…not always in the completing!

– Pamela